Bernt & The Best Of Intentions

In English

Bernt & De Bedste Intentioner (Bernt & The Best Of Intentions) is a Danish psychedelic folkpunkrock-band based in Copenhagen. The songs – usually performed with a high level of energy (and volume) – are about the end of the world, sex, death, cloud based computing, migration and stupid pigs. Frontman Bernt Hertz writes all the songs and combines lingual equillibrism and cynical, dark vision in a die hard rock ’n roll context.

Bernt & De Bedste Intentioner are:

Bernt Hertz – Vocals/guitar

Henrik Svanekær Kristensen – guitar

Steffen Galster – Bass

Sune Munch-Petersen – Drums

All bandmembers are mid-aged and somewhat frustrated about that. They have all be a part of the Copenhagen songwriterscene for many years, but needed to up the volume a bit compared to the everyday singer/songwriter. The band was formed in the early spring of 2018 and debutted on the Sejerø Festival in July 2018.


Rider (technical details):

PA with microphones and monitors

4 vocal microphones

4 instrument microphones

1 kickdrum microphone

6 microphone stands

1 bass amp

2 guitar amps

1 drumkit (minimum bass drum, snare drum, tom-tom, cymbal-stands)

4 towells

1 bottle of Fernet Branca (NEVER Fernet Menta!)

12 bottles of drinking water (0,5 l)

12 cans/bottles of cold beer

Elsinore Drum Majorettes *


*If the majorettes aren’t available, Fernet Branca will take us far …

The above as a nice printable PDF-file here.